Virtual Harmony with the Environment

The Environment and social responsibility is something we take very seriously here at W1 Office. In fact the very nature of the virtual office industry denotes that we indeed operate within a 'virtual' environment and thus the very nature of our services are friendly towards the environment.

Throughout our processes in delivering our virtual office solutions we continually strive in improving our methods in favour of the environment and ensuring that we are as efficient and productive as possible across our entire operation.

From the call centre to the post room to our meeting rooms and through to the management offices, we here at W1 Office take pride in our virtual office solutions that are indeed an alternative to providing physical serviced office space and thus numerous business can utilise our business trading address and phone answering service without the need for occupying an office.

As we move forward our environmentally aware and proactive team are coming up with new ways and means to improving our standards in the aim to looking after and preserving our beloved planet.
If you have any concerns regarding any aspect of the environment or social responsibility that you feel we should be made aware of, please email us and we will do our best.


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