1. Are there any setup charges?


2. Are there any cancellation charges?


3. How long does the service take to setup?

Your account will be setup within 24 – 48 hours once you have made payment and completed the account setup.

4. What ID documents do you accept?

We are required by law to hold proof of ID and proof of address for individuals including passport or driving license and a utility bill. Companies are also required to provide the certificate of incorporation and an invoice addressed to the registered office.

5. What is the deposit for?

We take a 1 month service charge deposit for monthly accounts which is refundable upon cancellation. We do not require a deposit for annual accounts.

6. What are the mail forwarding charges?

On top of your standard service charge you will pay the Royal Mail postage cost plus £1 per item, £10 for packages, £10 for visitors and £2 per page for any scan 2 email document.

7. How often is mail forwarded?

We sort and forward post on a daily basis and therefore what we receive today, you will receive tomorrow. Clients can also choose to have their mail scanned and emailed as well.

8. How does the telephone answering service work?

We will allocate a dedicated phone number to your business. All calls will be answered live in your company name via our call centre operational round the clock. We will either take a message and deliver via email or patch the call through to your team.

9. Can I port my telephone number to you?

We will simply allocate you a dedicated phone number to which you will have to instruct your existing phone provider to divert your calls to your new number.

10. What is the difference between call divert and call patching?

With the call divert service anybody who dials your dedicated phone number will have their call automatically redirected to another number of your choice. With the patching service the operator will answer the call live from your number and then we will attempt to put the call through to you.

11. What are the meeting room charges?

Charges for a meeting room are typically between £60 – £90 per hour depending on room size, location and number of participants. Special rates are available for half or full day usage.

12. How much notice do you require for a meeting room booking?

Ideally we require 48 hours notice to book a meeting room as it is based on availability, however we can accommodate same day requests.

13. How do I cancel the service?

We require 1 full calendar month notice on any monthly accounts. Annual accounts are subject to the standard renewal date and can only be cancelled at that point.