4 Reasons Why Faxing Is Still a Good Idea For Businesses

January 19, 2018

Do you wonder why companies still buy fax solutions? In this digital age documents can more easily and more cheaply be sent by email, right? Here is the top 10 reasons why you are wrong. Internet faxes have now become the popular way of sending data quickly and inexpensively, compared to the old phone line method of transfer. If you’re unfamiliar with what business fax services entail, then you’re not alone. Here are some advantages to consider with online fax services.

Standard fax machines require not only a dedicated phone line, but also regular maintenance. They can sometimes run hefty repair bills and require frequent toner refills, expenses which can add up to several hundred dollars over the course of a year or two. But business faxing services remove the need for complex and costly machinery, creating a more cost-efficient method of faxing files. You can also avoid long-distance call charges as the data is transmitted over the internet rather than the phone.

Traditional fax machine design is straightforward and intuitive – feed the pages that you want to send into the machine, enter a fax number, and sit back and wait for the confirmation.

Nowadays fax is as easy as sending an email because a fax server solution allows sending and receiving faxes from any device via email.

Traditional faxes require the presence of a physical fax machine, whereas internet fax requires only a computer or device with an internet connection. You can send and receive data from wherever you are at your own convenience without paying fax fees at hotels. Plus, by having files transferred via the internet, you can avoid having your data lost at the machine, accidentally thrown away, left behind, or swiped by children.

If you’re an old school fax user, you’re familiar with how the quality of documents suffer with each fax. Files become quite grainy and fine text is difficult to read. In addition, fax machines are only able to process one job at a time. Online fax services are capable of sending and receiving multiple faxes at once, which makes this a far cry from the old way of doing things. No longer do you have to worry about accidentally leaving a fax behind, because you can access these files from the comfort of your smartphone or laptop while on the go.

Taking the route of electronic faxing services is the green way of doing things. If you’re looking to cut down on paper consumption and reduce the environmental impact of owning a fax machine, online fax services are the best solution. Internet faxes can be read directly from a computer screen, which helps reduce the need for printing off documents and thus reduces paper waste. Plus, whenever your fax machine encountered an error, it would generally print off an error statement and waste countless sheets of paper. With internet faxes, these fax confirmations and error messages can be received and stored digitally to reduce paper and ink costs.

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